They glitter, sparkle and hypnotize the eye with a symphony of prismatic colors. A diamond is a complex mineral buried deep below the earth’s surface and only the precise combination of carbon, extreme temperature, pressure and time can produce one of the world’s finest gemstones.

Adding to the mystery of diamonds, an enormous amount of time and energy is required to discover these precious gems. Over 250 tons of ore must be extracted and closely examined to find one, single-carat diamond. They are considered to be exceptional and sought after by many.

Diamonds are first-class indeed, identical to the personalized and Professional Service we provide to our valued clients. Diamonds are the strongest naturally occurring material known to man and used every day to break through the most durable materials found on earth. The strength of our company is found in each of our team members. Each associate is a specialist in their respective roles and enables us to provide diverse and extensive Team Strength to better serve you.

Of all the colored diamonds that exist, Blue Diamonds are the most rare and exclusive. They are so unique, that most jewelers will never see nor touch one in their lifetime. Blue Diamonds have qualities that no other diamonds possess which places them in a category above all others. Our sophisticated Investment Discipline is highly specialized and valued to help our clients navigate today’s complex financial markets.