Strategic Asset Management

With Strategic Asset Management, we have access to a breadth of investment types and choices to construct custom-tailored portfolios. Supported by the expertise of experienced research strategists, we’ll identify the most appropriate investment strategies by considering the following:

• Asset allocation models
• Correlation between asset classes
• Investment types
• Risk/reward characteristics of asset classes
• Diversification
• Investment platforms
• Investment managers

Based on the combined attributes of the individual asset classes and your goals, we’ll formulate an asset allocation plan just for you. Your portfolio may include, but is not limited to, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded products, alternative investments, options, fee-based variable annuities, cash equivalents, or a combination of these investments.

We understand your need to utilize a vast array of investment products offered by the best available investment managers to meet you individual goals and help your portfolio maneuver through all kinds of market environments.

We conduct in-depth, comprehensive analysis in order to identify the most attractive products. Our diligent investment process translates into sophisticated, quality advice and tools your advisor may access to assist in building and managing the investment portfolios designed for your unique financial goals.